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LibQtWebKit.dylib on Mac computers

  • A user of our project complained that libQtWebKit was not found when starting our app.
    He installed from:
    Qt libraries 4.8.3 for Mac (183 MB)

    What is the right package that installs ALL qt library components (including QtWebKit) on Mac computers systemwide?

    I know that on Linux is within a separate package.
    Is it possible that the packaging has changed during the move from Nokia to Digia?
    Last time i installed from the Nokia web page all libraries were found.

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    All libs should be in. If you provide an app on Mac, though, you should bundle all libraries with your app. You can use macdeployqt tool for that.

  • You can use macdeployqt tool for that.
    Thank you very much for the hint.
    It will be the best when we also do it that way in the future.

    Unfortunately the man with the Mac computer in our project is currently very busy on another very important task that is not related to our project.

    But installing the Qt library systemwide has important advantages.
    For example our project provides a clientapp.dmg which is in question (most users only want the client) AND
    also a development environment with several Qt apps.

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