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Can Qt use Visual C++/MFC static library?

  • Hi, In my Qt project, I use Visual C++ 2008 compiler. Can I linked a static library, which is written with Visual C++/MFC and compiled with the same compiler.

  • Yes. As in your other thread, this is not Qt-specific at all. Just go to your project properties in VisualStudio and add the desired library under "Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies". If your project uses Qt, you are probably already linking against the Qt libraries at the very same place. Just add the additional library there...

  • In theory you can, but how do you want to include it?
    If you want to use MFC dialogs / windows, (AFAIK) you have to do more then just link to it.

  • I want to linked with a static library built with MFC(containing dialogs & windows). I think I should first build the static library with MFC statically linked, then add all the resources into the Qt Creator project, then add the linked the static library.

    One problem is I cannot find a way to add the static library and resources into a Qt Creator project.

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