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Is Qt library support Unicode?

  • Is Qt library support Unicode and MBCS? In a Qt Creator project, how can I set the project to produce Unicode or MBCS executables?

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    "QString": automatically stores Unicode strings. You don't need to do set anything special.

  • Qt's own String class, QString, is Unicode all the way. Its internal representation/encoding is UTF-16, always. If you need the "raw" UTF-16 string data, use QString::utf16(). Note that you may need to cast the pointer returned by that function to wchar_t* before you can pass it into Win32 API functions (or any other function that uses the wchar_t* type), because it returns a ushort* pointer. If you need a "multi-byte" representation of the QString, you may use QString::toUtf8(), QString::toAscii() or QString::toLocal8Bit() as needed. All three functions return a QByteArray, from which you can get the "raw" string as char* via QByteArray::constData().

  • Thank you so much.

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