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Question on debugging hybrid apps in Creator

  • Is this a target for Creator 2.1, seems to be having quite some issues and also debugging qml doesn't fully work.
    Or is it slated for 2.2 ?

  • I saw commits about QML and JS debug in the Qt Creator git repo this week (branch 'master'), so I think it's in progress. As there is a branch 2.1, I guess things going to 'master' now are for 2.2. Please correct me if I'm wrong :-)

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    Sure we tend to improve the debugging in 2.2 (master branch), where the development now happens (since 2.1 RC means release candidate only critical bug fixes are accepted). Anyway, @chetankjain, if you describe exactly what doesn't work for you (preferably at I can tell you whether it's a known issue or not :)

  • Hi Kai, basically looking at QTCREATORBUG-3148 (this is for 2.1 I see in bugs tracker)
    also, breakpoints working with qml
    and thus ability to debug hybrid apps ...

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