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In Android some Greek characters are rendered as rectangles

  • Some of the Greek characters are rendered as rectangles (missing glyphs) …
    are all those stretched vowels plus the final s … the rest letters are looking fine.

    That happens in Android device or emulator only.
    As Windows Desktop application everything is okay.

    am working with ...
    Qt Necessitas 4.8.2 for Android

    in main() I load the Codec = ISO8859-7


    Using “Verdana” and “Arial” fonts with the text inside the tr()

    Do you know anyone what is going on ?
    Thank you for any help

  • Perhaps your font doesn't contain the needed glyphs.

  • Thank you Andre for the reply

    With QfontDialog running in android emulator I see installed only this font type "Android Emoji"

    Using the … QFont(“Android Emoji", 12);

    still have the stretched vowels characters as rectangle. :o(

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