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Resellers of Qt?

  • We are thinking of purchasing Qt library commerical license. Based on our company's policy, we need to get open bids from at least three resellers, as well as the original vendor. So I contact Qt support and ask for a list of resellers, but they recommmend us to purchase from them directly, for resellers, they ask us to search online by ourselves. I try to search online but cannot find any.

    So I just post here and if anyone knows resellers of Qt, better for those in USA and Europe.


  • As far as I know Digia has the exclusive right of sale for commercial Qt licenses, so I wonder if there are any resellers (which doesn't mean that there aren't any).

    I would start asking the usual suspects, like KDAB or ICS.

  • The guys from Digia insist their prices are the lowest. However, one guy just mis-speak that there is a reseller in Shanghai, but no more details. Hope I can find some more with so little clues.

  • This post is deleted!

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    I really doubt he's been holding his breath for 3 years ...
    Please don't necropost, it's simply not worth bringing the dead back.

  • @kshegunov hi, I removed the offending post. What that individual was doing is not permitted by the license.

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    It's possible it's not allowed, I have no idea really, but in any case resurrecting a 3 year old thread is, well, futile to put it mildly ...

    Kind regards.

  • @kshegunov
    Yes, the word you used is quite appropriate :)

    And no, private reselling is not allowed.
    The Qt Company does have official resellers and partners, but as you said someone posting three years ago will probably have solved their situation.

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