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[SOLVED] problem compiling qtbase (qt5) / accessibility module

  • I am trying to compile qtbase from git (current top revision 291e1), on archlinux x86_64 [1] with the following configure switches:

    "-nomake demos -nomake tests -nomake examples --prefix=/opt/qt5 -opensource --confirm-license"

    however, it fails with this error message:

    "linuxaccessibility/application.cpp:45:36: fatal error: QtWidgets/qapplication.h: No such file or directory"
    (more detailed error output avaialable at [2]).

    Is there a way to build it with the accessibility module or should I just disable it?

    [1] g++ 4.7.1, binutils 2.20

  • Ok, this problem was fixed upstream by commit bfbea (Fix compile with -no-widgets).

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