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IOS, iPad and Qt4iOS FAQ ?

  • Hello,

    Is there a FAQ or a Wiki somewhere about Qt4iOS ?

    I'am starting porting my App to Qt4iOS, and have a series of questions that everyone should have tackle already:

    How to support automatic rotation ?

    Ian says this is automatic.While in my case, the QMainWindow won't rotate, what should I do ?

    I tried QGraphicsWidgetProxy, it is indeed capable of rotating widgets (but fixing origin is not so obvious...)

    How to detect rotation ?

    QOrientationSensor ? Any code example (including link procedure) ?

    How to get an iPad-look ?

    I tried QMacStyle, but it is not available outside Mac...

    What is the best way(s) to adapt the UI to iPhone/iPhone retina/iPad/iPad retina screen ?

    A stylesheet in screen dependent units is part of the answer. Eg. "* {font: 6pt }"

    Does not work for anything which is not a font (eg. button size), where I should use screen units, and change it according to the display.

    How to adapt to Portrait/Landscape ? Is a template a good solution ?

    @ template <class ui> class MyWindow : public QDialog, public ui { ... } ;
    if( orientation == topUp || orientation == bottomUp )
    return new MyWindow<ui_Portrait>;
    return new MyWindow<ui_Lanscape>;@

    Any chance to have the full build from QtCreator ?

    The Xcode final link is anoying, because I am not able to put breakpoints...

    For the MacOS side, I use macdeployqt, codesign and productsign in a simple script to package it.

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