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[SOLVED] Qt v5.0 beta porting release binaries

  • Hey,

    I'm having troubles by moving the release version of my program compiled against Qt v5.0 (Windows 8, VS 2010) from my primary pc to another pc (also win 8).
    On the first machine everything works fine, but when I run the program on the other one nothing happens - nothing. First I thought it is a problem of my program but then i realized that the common qt-programs like the assistant work neither on the other pc.
    I got everything to run when I installed the Qt SDK on my other machine and use the QtCore5.dll created on this computer. But with this .dll the programs only run on this machine now, not on my primary.

    Any ideas what I can do to port my program? Is it a bug of Qt, or is it since Qt 5 is still in beta?


    Add windows5.dll to the plugins folder

  • Have you copied the platform plugin as well?

  • Which platform plugin? Do I miss any *.dll?

  • Have you read this already: "Deploying Qt Applications": ?

  • Yes. Since sharing my program worked without any problems with Qt v4 I think of chages due to upgrading to Qt v5 beta. Are there any changes? I found nothing I the docs...

    I also want to point out again, that the problem is "fixed" by use the "QtCore5.dll" created on the depending pc, everything else may be unchanged.
    Does this libary link any other platform dependend libaries i have to share by using Qt v5?

  • You can check it with "Dependency Walker":

  • [quote author="Ju_Peti" date="1349088756"]Which platform plugin? Do I miss any .dll?[/quote]
    Besides the _Qt
    .dll_ you will have to include at least plugins/platforms/windows5.dll.

  • Found the solution...

    I actually forgot a plugin as Lucas assumed: windows5.dll

    Maybe this should be added to

    Thx for the help!

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