Disable form translations

  • Hi, I need to prevent some forms of my application from being translated. Or better, I need Qt Linguist not to include some forms in the translations list. I have a lot of forms, most of this are not visible for the final localized user, so, to reduce translations cost, I need to send to the (well paid) translators a reduced ts file, with only the final user's forms.
    Any idea?

    Thank you

  • Yeah. In Designer, all string properties can be folded out. By default, they are marked 'translatable' there. Uncheck that option, and the strings from your forms won't be translatable anymore.

  • Thank you, where can I find the "string properties" of a form? Do I have to do it for every control of that form or there's a global option for the whole form?

  • Yes, it is there for every single property seperately. With "string properties", I meant every property that takes a string. That includes texts on labels, tab titltes, etc. Everything that is normally translatable.

    Alternatively, you can create your own call to lupdate. By default, it uses all sources, but you can also tell it manually which files to parse I think.

  • It seems not to work properly.
    In Designer, I select a push button, then I remove the tick "translatable" from the "text" property and the "tool tip property", then I run lrelease, I reopen the ts file with QT linguist but the text of the push button is still there... very weird

  • Run lupdate instead...

  • Sorry, I was going to write run lupdate.
    I found the disguide: the strings remain in qt linguist in the form string list if the same strings are also in another form. But the translation is not editable, so for me it is ok.
    Thank you

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