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Qtcreator 2.5.2, qt 4.8.1,,, Mingw?

  • Hi everybody. I'm not able to configure qtcreator on windows with mingw. I have downloaded mingw from the official website. Is that version compatible with qt 4.8.1 and qtcreator 2.5.2? Or where I can find the right version?

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    This should work: All you should need to do is set up a tool chain. You might also need to make sure to set the mkspec to use.

    You will also need to make sure to use a Qt version in your project that was built with mingw. MSVC and mingw binaries do not mix. If you are going for a very new mingw, then you might have to build Qt yourself, as mingw also does break binary compatibility with itself from time to time and the compiler we use to build Qt with is a rather old one.

    You can also try the Qt SDK: That has Qt Creator, mingw, a debugger and a Qt version that work together, all in one nice package. Go for the online installer if at all possible, as the offline one contains copies of a lot of environments you are not going to need and is thus a much bigger download.

  • I have forgotten that also in Windows I must run configure and make.

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    What is the connection between your last comment and the topic?

  • Sorry for my bad english.
    I have downloaded the latest version of qt source but I have forgotten to compile it.
    This is happened because I am used to use the QtSdk (already compiled) instead of Qt Source.
    Sorry again.


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