[SOLVED] QDate QDate::addDays ( int ndays ) works....?

  • Hi Everyone, I want to add 15 days to the current date. For that I wrote the code like this,

    @ QDate IssueDate, ReturnDate;
    QString IsDt= IssueDate.currentDate().toString(Qt::ISODate);
    ReturnDate = IssueDate.addDays(15);
    QString RtDt= ReturnDate.toString(Qt::ISODate);@

    But it is giving NULL. Can anyone tell me where is the problem...?

    Thank You.

  • because your dates are not initialized. Using static function on uninitialized object does not updates this object...

    QDate issueDate = QDate::currentDate();
    QDate ReturnDate;
    QString IsDt= IssueDate.toString(Qt::ISODate);

    ReturnDate = IssueDate.addDays(15);
    QString RtDt= ReturnDate.toString(Qt::ISODate);

    If it solves your problem, please add "[SOLVED]" prefix left to the topic subject. Thanks!

  • Thank you AcerExtensa. I got it.

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