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Qt 4.8.1 library and Qt creator 2.4.1 for 64 bit windows 7 platform

  • Hi,

    I am developing application using QT4.8.1 and QT creator 2.4.1. The QT sdk I used is for windows 32 bit and supports the 32 bit platform compilation.

    I want to compile my application for 64 bit windows 7 platform , but with available SDK it doesn't seem possible.

    Can anyone help about following--

    1. Where to get QT libraries and creator with 64 bit support?
    2. If 64 bit libraries and creator are not available for 64 bit, then how to compile the same for 64 bit?
    3. Which Microsoft Visual Studio compiler do I need for this?
      To mention I have MSVC 2005 , Does it possible to compile the 64 bit library with MSVC 2005.


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