Qt Creator 2.6 Beta + .pro file from older Qt Creator

  • As it says in the title, I'm trying to get a project that I have working in Qt Creator 2.5.x to build using Qt Creator 2.6 Beta (because I have a new machine, and that is the Qt Creator version that's installed on it). While non-GUI projects build just fine, the GUI project complains about ui_something.h not being found, where "something" is the name of the .ui forms/components in the project. So for some reason, it looks like uic is no longer executed for the .ui files, even though the .ui files are included in the FORMS list inside the .pro file.

    So, my question is: Did something change in Qt Creator 2.6 that I have to do differently, or extra? I don't see anthing abviously different when I create a new Qt GUI project using 2.6. When I run qmake, I see nothing out of the ordinary. It completes without issues.



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    I have not run into this issue so far though (neither in person nor on the web). I would be seriously surprised if something like that would be caused by Creator though: We try to make sure Creator plays well with the command line, so all it does is to run qmake and make for you.

    Does this problem happen when running qmake/make manually? Check Projects mode in creator for the details of what it actually runs and which environment it uses.

  • Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for replying. It work now!

    After playing around with qmake/make from the command line (same problem happened), I took another very careful look at the differences between my .pro file and a .pro file from a newly created QtGui project. Turns out there's a "QT += " clause in there that needs some more stuff when using the new Qt version (5.0 beta1). This makes sense of course, because of the modularization of Qt 5.

    Sorry for not mentioning I was also using a different Qt version :).



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