[Solved] Change between Views

  • Hello Community,

    i'm programming with my team a hobby Project.
    We decided to use QML because we use an embedded system and you can easily create
    some Designs.

    But now we have a problem.
    Each of our qml files is a View.

    The Application start on a Main Frame with some Buttons.
    When i click on a Button it should change the View to the Content of 1 qml.
    This should also be able to go back to the Main View.
    Is this possible only with qml?

    The Problem i could see is, that we have to connect the ClickEvents with our C++ application to execute some function.


    Ok , now i have a solution, but a other problem.

    StartGame,LoadGame,Settings are themself qml files.

    When i click on StartGame{} there pop a popup window an ask "really" .
    if not i want go back to the MainMenu.
    The Problem is, that i get an error that the reference is undefined

    A Loader has fixed my problem ;)

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