How to include unicode in QString???

  • can any body help me to do this?

    This is a unicode and I want to convert it to unicode characters

    QString name="مم"; //تثتإتؤنفننننننتنت"; //bidi example

    I wrote this code to remove &# into u and deigits into hexa

    QString name="مم"; //تثتإتؤنفننننننتنت"; //bidi example
    int off=0;
    QString Outp;
    QRegExp [removed]"&#[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9];"); //
    index=expression.indexIn(name, off);
    qDebug () << "index" << index;
    int length = expression.matchedLength();
    if (index==-1) break;
    QString v;
    QString re;

    qDebug() << "v=" &lt;&lt; v &lt;&lt; "re=" &lt;&lt; re;
    uint r=v.toInt(0,10);
    qDebug() &lt;&lt; "int=" &lt;&lt; r;
    uint decimal = r;
    QString haxadecimal;
    if (haxadecimal.length()==3)
        haxadecimal= "0" + haxadecimal;
    QString a= "\\x" + haxadecimal.mid(1,2) + "\\x" + haxadecimal.mid(3,2);


    but i can not continue, it does not work ... help required

    thank you

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