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QML and querySelector

  • Hi,

    i'm a beginner with QML (and Qt in general). I use Qt quick to create a Qt mobile app, and i want to load content from my website. I don't want to provide a web service from my web site so i thought i could use querySelector. But i don't succeed because querySelector is a method provided by window.document
    The query to the webpage is done by a javascript using XmlHttpRequest :
    function parsePage(htmlContent) {
    // document.querySelector('#list');

    // function use as callback for doWebRequest
    function updateText(data) {
    textAreaHomePage.html = parsePage(data); // textAreaHomePage is a webView resources

    function doWebRequest(method, url, callback) {
    var doc = new XMLHttpRequest();
    doc.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if (doc.readyState == XMLHttpRequest.HEADERS_RECEIVED) {
    var status = doc.status;
    if(status!=200) {
    showError("Google API returned " + status + " " + doc.statusText);
    } else if (doc.readyState == XMLHttpRequest.DONE) {
    var data;
    var contentType = doc.getResponseHeader("Content-Type");
    data = doc.responseText;
    }'GET', url, true);


    I wished to use css selector because it's independant from correct HTML content. I thought that if i inject Html into WebView, this component will then act like a page with document dom element. But i 'm wrong. Maybe there is other way of doing what i want. So is there a way to parse easily htmlContent returned by XmlHttpRequest ? i cannot use xml parsing because CMS doesn't provide always correct HTML.

    Thanks for help

    Dev env : win7, Qt 4.8, compile for Symbian

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