File path contain(dot) not support in QProcess

  • Hi All,

    QProcess use pass 3 QStringList arguments. one is Number, second is input_path, and third is output_path.

    My problem is Output path folder name contain (dot) (ex @C:/testttt V.10/exitproce/@). In that case can not create output files in under (C:/testttt V.10/exitproce/) folder. output files are create c:/ drive only.

    why can't create files in following folder(C:/testttt V.10/exitproce/)


  • Hi,

    perhaps, the problem is not the dot but the space in the path?
    I would try to put the argument into exclamation marks.

  • I am wondering if this is a problem with QProcess, or with the application you are trying to run with it. QProcess does not determine how the other application interprets its commandline. Did you check if your app supports the commandline you want to pass it by manually calling it with that commandline?

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