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Network state - symbian ^1 and ^3

  • Hi,
    I'm encountering the following problem: I wrote a program which needs to do and process some http requests.
    The targets are symbian 1 and 3, qt 4.7.
    The application is written mainly (80%) in qml.
    Requests are made by means of qml's xmlhttprequests.
    My problem is - how can I check whether the device has an access to the internet (either through wlan or mobile network)?
    And - in case of no active connection - how can I call a popup which asks user to choose one of connections?

    My last idea was to call c++ function which runs the following code:

    @QNetworkConfigurationManager *manager = m_declarativeEngine->networkAccessManager();

    it works properly on simulator and nokia C7-00. on nokia 5530 XpressMusic it doesn't for wlans, and on nokia 5230 it always returns false - as if there was no connection, even if there is an active one.

    I'm looking for a solution of my problem for a couple of days and I can't figure out how to solve it. Any advices are welcomed

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    The good people over at "": might be more knowledgeable when it comes to details of specific models of phones.

  • Well, I found out what's going on.
    It turned out that on symbian 1 qml webview element doesn't work properly - when I try to login to facebook, the webview immediatly emits load failed - the reason is, that SSL support has errors.
    A trap for all SSL errors on symbian^1 has done the job.

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