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QPainter on viewPort(), at non-paintEvents, Qt3 legacy code: Best practices??

  • Dear all,

    with about 20000 LOC of Qt3 based code in front of me, I felt urgence to upgrade it to Qt4. Quite satisfied with the advancement up til yet, I am now stumbling about lots of places with Qt3 style painting into 'standard' widgets outside of paintEvent -- and doing the appropriate design decision doesn't seem like a no-brainer this time...

    Options like channeling all into another QPixmap (seems to allow keeping much of the code structure) or having an overloaded paintEvent handle a variety of different paint jobs (seems to be straighforward at a lower level) all seem to have their pros & cons.

    So I am very interested in any kind of experience or advice upon this issue -- in hope Qt3 projects of similar kind were to be ported to Qt4 ago.

    Which approach would you regard as thoughtful?

    Thanks a lot in advance, Nick

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