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Gestures on Nokia s60[SOLVED]

  • Hello.

    Since there is no much information about good old s60 Nokia, I would like to ask you, guys, who does know, what gestures does support Nokia s60's type mobiles?

    Thank you for answers beforehand.

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    You might want to ask at a They know their phones better than we do here:-)

    Newer Symbian^3 phones do support multi-point touch AFAIK, but my guess is that "good old S60 phones" will only be able to pick up one finger at a time. So any guesture involving multiple fingers is most likely out.

    But as I said: will know more.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    It's, actually, explains much. I played around with my old Nokia and gestures. Gestures involving multiple fingers simply didn't work. The first assumption was, I've done something wrong. But now I see, there was not anything wrong with code.

    I guess, problem solved =)

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