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.configure won't even try to build webkit on 4.8.3

  • I can build and run webkit for embedded linux on 4.7.2. I cannot even get it to try to build webkit on 4.8.3. The list that .configure outputs as to what will build (no/yes) always shows WebKit module as no on 4.8.3 when i include the ‘-embedded’ switch.

    Host is ubuntu 10.04. Anything built with Qt 4.7.2 runs perfectly.

    Here’s the simple test that is confusing me.

    So 4.7.2:
    ./configure -opensource -embedded arm -webkit
    configure’s output says “WebKit module ………. yes”. And it builds

    ./configure -opensource -embedded arm -webkit
    configure’s output says “WebKit module ………. no.” And it does not build

    ./configure -opensource -webkit
    configure’s output says “WebKit module ………. yes”. But does not cross compile.

    Is there something different i must do for QT 4.8.3?

  • came across the same issue, at least under linux you are missing libxrender-dev, you can find out by running "./configure -v"

    so just "sudo apt-get install libxrender-dev" should do the job..

    and no "-webkit" or "-xrender" needed, all done automatically, just run the recommended "./configure -no-exceptions"

  • OK wasn't all what I posted before, also had to install the following:

    "sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev"

  • When using OE angstrom-denzil toolchain, found that double-quoted QMAKE_CXX setting was failing configure script's 'gcc -dumpversion' check for webkit option.

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