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[Solved] Dynamic Translation Application

  • I have an application that I'm in the process of translating into several other languages. One of the languages is French, and I've been able to create the .ts file and used Qt Linguist to translate all the entries. I've also created the .qm file using lrelease. I've gotten everything to switch over to French.

    The application was written in English, so my question is how do I make it go back to English? Do I delete the QTranslator variable in my code? Do I need a .qm file for English as well?

  • You don't need an English translation as long as you wrote the strings in English. The translation system will just use the original strings when it doesn't have a translation for it.
    As for getting back to the default strings, you can just not install the translator into the application, and it will revert to the strings you wrote in code.

  • See QCoreApplication::removeTranslator()

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