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QtCreator debugging under Linux and OS X

  • Hi

    I use QtCreator under Windows and have setup Qt debugger + CDB + Application Verifier which works successfully for source level debugging. I'm surprised how good Qt Debugger is - in some occasions MS Visual Studio while debugging the same application will not point to the source code line while Qt Debugger will locate it.

    I need to use Qt Creator for Linux and OS X but I never used those platforms for development. My questions are:

    Can Qt Creator for Linux and OS X be successfully configured for source level debugging? Will it require manual Qt build or the online installer will do just fine?

    Is there any counter part of Microsoft's Application Verifier that will cause crash in early stage of corruption?

    Is KDE preferred over GNome since it's based on Qt? Any preferred distribution?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Moderators

    Yes. It actually configures itself automatically. Any Qt build will do, I think. At least I've never had any problems.

    I'm not familiar with Windows stuff too much, I don't know what MAV is. Debugger will usually catch a lot, and if not, you can use Valgrind to perform a deep analysis of your app. It's integrated into QtCreator (just requires separate installation of valgrind tool itself).

    Does not matter. I personally prefer KDE, but not because it's better suited for Qt - IMO it's just a better desktop, more productive and useful. As for distro, obviously Ubuntu/ Kubuntu are best tested, since they are so popular, but any other should do well, too.

  • Thanks sierdzio. I suppose the same suggestions (point 1-2) apply for OS X as well.

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    Ah yes, I somehow focused on Linux only. Maybe that's my hatred towards Mac showing itself unconsciously ;) I'm not sure about valgrind on Mac, but the rest should work as on linux.

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