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Problems with Cube OpenGL example on x64

  • Qt newbie here. I'm having some problems getting the openGL cube example that is distributed with the qt source code to display anything other than a black screen and was wondering if anyone else has seen the same problem?

    I've managed to compile qt 4.8.2 x64 from source successfully and the problem also seems to occur with 4.8.3 x64.

    • The cube example always displays a black screen even if the window is dragged or resized. I found a similar bug reported a while ago and I've tried applying those fixes in case it helped, but no joy.
    • The cube example compiled successfully with no errors.
    • None of the OpenGL commands in GeometryEngine::init(), GeometryEngine::initCubeGeometry(), or GeometryEngine::drawCubeGeometry() return any errors via glGetError().
    • All of the other examples in the opengl examples folder seem to render correctly. The cube demo seems to be the only example that uses vertex & index buffers.
    • I've tested this on a Nvidia Quadro 2000 running driver 305.93 and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 running driver 306.23 and both exhibit the same issue.
    • I've used GDEBugger and the vertex and index buffers seem to be being uploaded correctly to the GPU.

    There are quite a few variables to check in order to get to the bottom of this so, I thought it was worth asking if anyone else has seen these issues just in case it's a known problem.

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