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Deploy Mac application with SSL support

  • Hey there,

    I wonder how I can deploy my Qt 4.6 application for Mac OS X with SSL support. I am using the updated 4.6 builds by Digia from http://qt-project.org/downloads because they still provide Carbon support.
    Unfortunately, QNetworkAccessManager::get() requests to https urls will simply not work and throw no error (i. e. no QNetworkAccessManager::finished() signal is fired if I try an https url and QNetworkReply::error() gives no error either).
    There appear to be no messages in stderr or stdout either.
    The same code works just fine on both Linux and Windows (though the latter needs the ssleay dlls to reside with the executable).

    Now, do you have any idea how I can fix this problem without compiling my own version of Qt?

    Many thanks in advance.

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