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What is rccData in registerResource(const uchar * rccData

    1. What goes in rccData ? The name of the file ? it's contents ?
    2. Is this the right way to add data/files to a a :/ location during runtime ?

    bool QResource::registerResource(const uchar * rccData, const QString & mapRoot = QString()) [static]


  • If I understand the documentation correctly, rccData references a memory area that contains the binary resource data. The memory must not be freed untill the last reference on the resource is away.

  • i tried pointing at any of these

    static const unsigned char qt_resource_data[]
    static const unsigned char qt_resource_name[]
    static const unsigned char qt_resource_struct[]

    but it always returned false, e.g. registerResource(qt_resource_struct,"/a.txt");

    This is really lacking some examples.

  • It seems to expect data in the same format as rcc outputs with the -binary switch

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