Where are the OpenGL functions located?

  • I am a beginner at using OpenGL with Qt, and was wondering where the functions of the module is located. I have done a few tutorials, and there are many steps like linking the "opengl" module with the qmake file by having this:

    @QT += opengl@

    But, I was also wondering if the definitions were in QGLWidget. Any ideas?

  • The documentation at http://qt-project.org/doc/qtopengl.html covers all of the classes that Qt provides for this module.

    While it may not cover your specific use case, a lot can be done by simply swapping out a normal QWidget with a QGLWidget defined in the QGLWidget header (i.e. For a lot of cases that's all you need to include). Obviously the other classes provide additional functionality which can be accessed by including their respective headers.

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