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No examples for QT Creator in Linux Mint installation . . .

  • I used the Linux Mint (Maya) Synaptic Package Manager to install qt4-designer, qt4-dev-tools, qt4-linguist-tools, qt4-qmake, qt-sdk, qt4-qmlviewer, and qtcreator.

    However, when I open Qt-Creator and click on "Demos and Examples", in the Welcome widow, there are no examples. What have I missed?

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    No idea. Maybe the packages did not install the examples? Or they did not put them into the place creator expects them to be?

  • Try to install package qt4-doc or qt5-doc. I installed group qt on Arch Linux and it was missing the examples too, but by default it does not installs qt doc, which contains all examples.

  • Does someone have a real answer to this? I have same issue. What I notice is I am root, the examples are there and buildable. If I logomn as my normal user, I cannot get the to fix this?

  • First, go get your humility you forgot. "real answer?".

    Second, don't use root.

    Third, when you install qt doc package, it is installed at /usr/share/doc/qt/examples. (I think this is the path, I'm on OS X now). Go to this folder as normal user and copy the example you want and paste it to your home folder (/home/noobuser).

    This is the real answer. If you don't understand now, I can make a step-by-step of how to compile a example for you. =)

  • Hmmm very funny...this is the the "real answer"

    Its gets tiring seeing answers over and over about "just do this" and it never works...yes I know...there are > N ways to skin something.

    And yes using root is not right. thanks..

  • Next time, add a little bit of humility and you can go far. Otherwise, your life will be full of "how to do? This doesn't work... cry cry cry".

  • Did you look at the post I sent or just respond with this?
    Does what was said in the post work?

    Ill look at your posts so I can get examples of humilty or do I need to google that?

  • I had the same problem on Linux Mint 17.2. This did the trick for me:

    sudo apt-get install qtbase5-examples qtbase5-doc-html

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