Harmattan (NOKIA N9) DropBox program API access

  • Hi

    SDK: Qt Creator 2.4.1 running on Windows 7
    Target platform: “Qt 4.8.1 for Desktop” and “Harmattan” (NOKIA N9)

    Dropbox support is included in "out of the box" experince on the NOKIA N9 mobile phone which, among others,
    makes it possible to share (send) content from the image viewer, to the dropbox account.

    Is there any, either C++ or "Qt Quick", program API that makes it possible to manipulate
    the Dropbox account, I was looking for API's like



    Note: I am aware of the REST api at drop box and various projects that
    access dropbox but I was meerly looking for "platforms API" that take advantage
    of the already supported dropbox client in the phone so my application do not
    have to ask the uesr of their logon and password once more.


  • I don't believe that Dropbox support is part of the included N9 platform. I know that there are third party apps like Dropian that provide those services. As such, I don't believe you will find a system-level support API available.

  • What about this "account" application that exists in the N9 menu, does it have an API for other software’s to access it?

    It most likely "contain" user id and password and therefore it might be possible to retrieve that information so the user would not have to enter that information again.
    Then I could implement the DropBox API according to the DropBox homepage.

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