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Probleme using the app_ID for the map

  • First sorry for my bad English.
    I have an application using map in QT/CPP and keep getting this debugging message:
    [Qt Message] ********************************************************************************
    [Qt Message] Qt Location requires usage of app_id and token parameters obtained from:
    [Qt Message] https://api.forum.nokia.com/ovi-api/ui/registration
    [Qt Message] For more information about app_id and token please consult:
    [Qt Message] http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-latest/location-overview.html#the-nokia-plugin
    [Qt Message] ********************************************************************************
    I already register my application and get the app_id and the token_id and I use it like this:
    QMap<QString, QVariant> parameters;
    parameters.insert("mapping.app_id", "app_ID");
    parameters.insert("routing.app_id", "app_ID");
    parameters.insert("places.app_id", "app_ID");
    parameters.insert("mapping.token", "token_id");
    parameters.insert("routing.token", "token_id");
    parameters.insert("places.token", "token_id");

    QGeoServiceProvider* serviceProvider = new QGeoServiceProvider("nokia" , parameters);


    So how can I remove this debugging message?
    Thanks in advance

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