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Syntaxhighlighter example scrolling artifacts

  • I installed Qt 2.4.1 on a mac running lion. When I open and run the syntaxhighlighter example I get graphical artifacts on the left side of the screen as I scroll down in a file.

    I run the example program and open a file with enough text lines that vertical scrolling is active. As I scroll down graphical artifacts originate from the lower left corner and scroll upwards with the text. If I then scroll up, artifacts are not generated by the top of the window and the newly visible scrolled text appears clean.

    When the example program window is created it has rounded corners. As I scroll down it appears that the lower left rounded corner is the source of the artifacts. Interestingly, as I then scroll up the bottom left corner becomes a square corner until I start scrolling down again, then it reverts back to round.

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