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Embedding QX11EmbedContainer (via QGraphicsProxyWidget) in QML - possible?

  • hi:)

    I have an application in MeeGo/Mer, that I would like to embedd into an existing QML Application.
    With a simple QPushButton it works like this perfectly:
    Embedtest::Embedtest(QDeclarativeItem *parent) :
    pb = new QPushButton("text");
    proxy = new QGraphicsProxyWidget(this);

    however, when trying to embedd QProcess in QX11EmbedContainer via QGraphicsProxyWidget it does not work.
    There is this post
    "qwidget in QML":
    "The thing is that QML is implemented using Graphics View and items in the graphics view are not widgets so XEmbed"

    But is there really no way to embedd an external application in QWidget and expose this to QML?


  • Wondering this myself as I have come across this problem in the last few days. Still searching but the crux of the issue appears to be that window id's become invalid for the QWidget once its added to the scene.

  • Also stuck with the same problem.

  • Unfortunately I did not find any solution/workaround for this problem :(
    That is why I am still using 4.8
    I hope it will come up with next 5.x releases...

    simon :-)

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