QDBus on windows

  • I am looking to use dbus for cross platform IPC(yes I know about qlocalsocket and considering it). DBus is reported to be working on windows and doc for qt 4.8 says qdbus is a unix only module. I am wondering whether or not qdbus is currently working on windows? if so, what version did it start? If not currently working, are there any plans? information regarding this.. mailing list? forum? contacts?

    Sorry if this has been addressed, I didn't come across it

  • I'm moving my first steps on dbus too, but on Unix.
    However here "there":http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus#Windowsport are some information about the windows port (not know how updated they are).

  • Last I checked DBus was running on windows, but I would strongly recommend against its use there. Developers were highly focused on unix and tended to break the windows experience regularly for no apparent reason. You were also only able to run one DBus instance per machine, horribly crippling multi-user support.

    Maybe that has improved (I tired about 2 years ago), but I have not heared any encouraging news in the meantime.

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