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Proxy Flickable moving to parent ListView on bound reach

  • Hi, all.

    In my project I have ListView with Flickable as delegate. Flickable contains Image. The goal I'm trying to achieve is to scroll to the next/previous ListView item when Image inside Flickable reaches to the left or right bound. So, the moving of Image should seamlessly turn into scrolling of ListView.

    Any suggestions how to implement such behaviour.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Listviews by default are flickable, so check that:

    1. the Snap Mode Property of the ListView is set as -- snapMode: ListView.SnapOneItem (this should do it).

    2. Set your orientation on the Listview.

    3. You might wish to experiment with onFlickStarted and onFlickEnded.

  • Thanks. SnapOneItem mode and orientation are already set and ListView flicks fine when delegate's Flickable has nothing to flick in it.

    Will play with events, but at the monent I have no idea how to bind events between Flickable and parent ListView.

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