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Placing widgets in a toolbar created in QtDesigner.

  • So I had to figure out that it is not possible to place any widget in a toolbar using the designer. I wonder if it is just the Designers gui or if it is a limitation of the ui XML format. So then I place the toolbar manually using

    @QAction * QToolBar::insertWidget ( QAction * before, QWidget * widget )@

    I wonder about the return type, what exactly does this method return? IMHO void would be appropriate

  • No, it returns a QAction* that is associated with that widget. All items on a toolbar (or a menu, for that matter) are represented by QAction objects. That includes items that are widgets. You should check, but I think that the action returned is actually a [[doc:QWidgetAction]].

    You can use this action to put it in a [[doc:QActionGroup]] for instance.

  • Thx for the Quick Replay!

    bq. You should check, but I think that the action returned is actually a QWidgetAction.

    Yes it is :)

    @QAction *action = toolbar->addWidget(myFontComboBox);
    QWidgetAction *widgetAction = dynamic_cast<QWidgetAction *>(action);
    assert(dynamic_cast<QFontComboBox *>(widgetAction->defaultWidget())
    == myFontComboBox

    Does this mean I could place an action (or a QWidgetAction) into the toolbar in the designer and then just programmatically set the the desired widget?

  • I have tried, but I could not find an easy way to do that. The problem is that you can't seem to use the promotion feature for QActions. So, I fear that you will just have to add your widget completely from code.

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