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qt5 application screen became up side down on pi

  • Dears,

    I have built qt5 from source on pi successfully after referring the instructions on QTonPi website. ( I also built some qtdeclarative examples (qtquick), and it runs well on my pi.

    Now, I am trying to build my qt4 applications (windows base) on pi, and it shows no any compilation errors when building it. When I downloaded the executable file on pi, the screen became up side down. It is really weird, because all functions are work on this application except the output screen seems been rotated by Qt. Actually I also built some qt window base examples, (ex. qt5/qtbase/examples/widgets/mainwindows/application) and the running screen got the same issue.

    I am guessing it maybe relate with qpa settin, but I am not sure. (the default is using opengl es, and linuxfb is not working in current stage) Does anyone have experience on resolving this issue? or What is the possible reason for this?

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