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Qt Creator suddenly can't build anything; attempting to reinstall gives "You need a C++ compiler to be able install the Qt SDK."

  • So I've been using Qt for a while on my Mac w/ Mountain Lion with no issues. I recently restarted my computer and got this message:

    bq. Qt Creator needs a tool chain set up to build. Configure a tool chain in Project mode

    I went into the properties and added GCC and Clang manually, but the project still wouldn't build (something about not being able to find make). Then I attempted to reinstall Qt SDK and got this error message:

    bq. You need a C++ compiler to be able install the Qt SDK. Please install the latest Xcode first before invoking this installer!

    Well, I have Xcode 4.4 installed as well as the command line tools. G++, GCC, Make, Clang are all working both in the Terminal and using Xcode to build. So I figured I might as well reinstall Xcode as well, but this did not help, nor did installing the command line tools again separately. I've also tried using the xcode-select command like so:

    @sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/

    Does anyone have any other tips on how I can get Qt to work again? Thanks in advance.

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