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Qt5 libICU for windows

  • Hello Qt developers,
    why don't you just include libICU in the source tree? At least for windows...
    It's really annoying having to download it and install it: an extra step that was not required in qt4.

    What do you think?

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    That would make download package bigger for all of us not using Windows ;)

    If you want to propose this, a better place is to use Qt development mailing list. There was a big discussion about it back in the days when it made sense (before feature freeze). I don't remember why the decision was made this way, you can search the archives if you are interested. I would guess licensing issues + the fact it's only needed on Windows are enough. You need to install perl too, and here also we have an issue that is a problem on Windows.

  • OK, I'll try to check back in the archives and eventually propose to the ML.
    The fact that Perl and Python can be downloaded and installed once and forget about it.
    To build qt+ico you must build/install ICO separately, then configure the PATH/LIBS,FLAGS... flags and make sure qt sees them (in this regard there's no obvious step to check if the lib is found).
    Also you must match compiler version/configuration everytime you do a build, using mkspecs would be really a benefit.

    The license of libICU is a very simple one, I don't see possible issues there.
    About the size, maybe libICU source dir could be optional in the build tree, so at least one can put it there from a separate archive.

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