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QtWebkit - WebGL - Qt5 Beta -

  • I was trying to run WebGL application on QtWebKit (Qt 5.0 beta Version). I am using eglfs plugin on a mips based platform. I used QtTestBrowser as the test browser.

    I ran an webgl site- @./QtTestBrowser -webgl -graphicsbased http://jsbin.com/ulazel@

    It reported no-webgl support.

    I did a bit of debugging and found that in file @qtwebkit/Source/WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport/PageClientQt.cpp@

    it returns as it cannot find glViewport:

    QGLWidget* glViewport = qobject_cast<QGLWidget*>(scrollArea->viewport());
    if (!glViewport) {
    //Returns from here....

    By enabling "-gl-viewport" I was able to get the glContext in HTML page. But it was not properly displayed. Also since every widget (launcherWindow etc) it was trying to create a "Window" intern calling eglCreateWindow() and resulting in memory issues (Around 12 window was created all full size of 1920x1080. Finally the displayed image is also not proper.

    Any one have suggestion? where i am going wrong?

  • Hi Hari,

    Did you get any further with that problem as I am stuck in same place with the latest git checkout.

    Anybody has any idea?

  • Nothing progressed. :(

    I might be wrong, but this is my first analysis.

    All the window request should not create the "eglCreateWindowSurface" only Screen should be an eglSurface. Rest of all should be eglPbuffer or eglPixmap buffer. Also these surfaces should be created when the geometry is set.

    I am planning to do this modifications. So I would like to know if my understanding is wrong.

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