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EventFilter issue : left mouse press is not directly catched (got RequestSoftwareInputPanel instead, type=199)

  • Hi,

    my name is Helfer Thomas. I am working on a personal project using Qt. I am using Qt 4.6 on a debian squeeze in a gnome environment.

    I am trying to filter mouse event send to a QTextEdit. I could easily handle event associated with the right button, but have some trouble with the left one : when clicking on the QTextEdit, I receive an QEvent of type 199 (RequestSoftwareInputPanel). Googling taugh we was it meant, but I could not figure out how it is converted to a QMouseEvent by a standard QWidget.

    The following code snippets illustrate my trouble :



    struct EventFilter
    : public QObject

    virtual bool
    eventFilter(QObject *,
    QEvent *e)
    qDebug() << e;
    return false;


    struct MyTextEdit
    : public QTextEdit



    int main(int argc,
    char **argv)
    QApplication a(argc,argv);
    EventFilter ef;
    MyTextEdit e(ef);;
    return QApplication::exec();

    A right click on the QTextEdit leads to :
    QMouseEvent(MouseButtonPress, 2, 2, 0)
    A left click lead to :
    QEvent(0x7fffb17d1be0, type = 199)

    Can I consider that such an event is always associated to a left button press ?

    Thank for any help.

  • I received an answer to my question through the qt mailing list.

    The solution is to install an event filter on the QTextEdit viewport.

    Thank for reading my post

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