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Render qml item to QSGDynamicTexture

  • After looking a the sources of QQuickShaderEffectSource I tried to render my qml item into a QSGDynamicTexture so that I could later map it on 3d objects. However, QQuickShaderEffectSource uses Qt private classes such as QSGRenderer that seem necessary to render a qml item as a texture. As it is possible to implement a custom QSGTexture::texture method by subclassing a QQuickItem, I was wondering if anyone had done such thing and if not can somebody point me in the right direction.


  • After searching for a while, the way I'm trying to make it work is by using a QQuickWindow and using its setRenderTarget method to render to an FBO that I can then use to fill a QSGDynamicTexture. Still working on it but I will post when I have some kind of result.

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