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Qt creator New project only has missing Symbian target

  • When I run the wizard to create a new project in Qt Creator, Qt Quick Application (built-in elements)
    it only has Desktop target, the Symbian target is missing.

    I have installed
    Qt Creator 2.5.1
    Qt 4.8.2
    Carbide cpp v2.7
    S60 SDK 3.2 v1.1.1
    s60 open c cpp plugin v1.7
    MSVC 2005
    mingw (from gnustep)

    Tried also to configure -xplatform symbian-abld which finishes with:
    Qt is now configured for building. To start the build run:make debug-winscw|debug-armv5|release-armv5.
    To reconfigure, run 'nmake confclean' and configure.
    But nmake debug-winscw or make debug-winscw say ** no rule to make target debug-winscw **

    What is wrong?

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    Does creator list the Qt version you want to use for Symbian development in Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt versions? Is it correctly configured there? Does creator know the tool chain to use (T->O->B&R->Tool Chains)?

  • Thanks Tobias

    Under Qt Versions it lists only
    Qt 4.8.2 (4.8.2)
    c:\program files\qt\4.8.2\bin\qmake.exe

    I added the path to qmake again, then it prompts for path to S60 and now
    Qt creator new project does list Symbian.

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    We are trying hard to have one Qt Creator that is useful for all the platforms Nokia needs supported. To make that possible we need to hide functionality that does not apply (e.g. Symbian development for people caring about the N9 only). That way people won't run into options that do not apply to them.

    So sometimes you need to know where to look to get something enabled (the Qt SDK should do all that for you by the way). But then even if we were not hiding the options a misconfigured creator would cause trouble ("Why doesn't Y work? It shows it right there in the menu!"), so hiding stuff that is not universally useful is the right thing to do.

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