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Qt4 to Qt5 on Playbook

  • I was considering using the Qt5 API for my Qt4 app because of its enhanced blackberry integration.

    Before I give it a try; the long download and longer compile I was hoping someone could give me a thumbs up on the move and say there should be no problems. For the most part my app uses the GUI and SQL class sets, with only C++ and no QML or Quick.

  • I guess I got my answer from Nokia today, actually yesterday but read today. Surprised I was. "Qt 5 official Beta release":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-5-Beta with some key notes to pay attention to.

    • First and most notably QWidget have gone through some big changes that may need to be looked into. Although they do mention Qt4 apps should be able to port with little to no change.
    • Other changes should not effect my app. Notably these other changes are to QML with V8 project now running things under the hood and Qt Quick more centralized.

  • Hi, Qt works fine on the Blackberry platform (Qt4 and Qt5). The only issue you may encounter is if you use specific SQL plugins for the QtSql module. Widgets, OpenGL, QtQuick 1 and QtQuick2 all work fine. If you run into any issues with it you can ping us in #qt-qnx to get some help or to let us know of issues.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you ZapB! Started to visit and ask question in #qt-qnx. Very helpful bunch of people.

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