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[SOLVED] QTextCursor - programed selection doesn't work...

  • Hi folks, I have troubles with this code:
    QString CommanderEdit::get_last_text(unsigned int from,
    unsigned int to)
    textCursor().setPosition(from, QTextCursor::KeepAnchor);

    qDebug() << from << to << endl;
    qDebug() << "From: " << textCursor().selectionStart();
    qDebug() << "To: " << textCursor().selectionEnd();
    qDebug() << textCursor().selectedText();
    return textCursor().selectedText();


    I want to return the selected text (text is selected by program) but it always returns empty string...I am disgusted of non-working copying text - where I have done some dumb thing?...Thanks.

  • Solved: just needed setTextCursor(...)

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