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Need fast helps with Deploying Project on Linux!!!

  • Good day Everyone!

    Today, I have finished a small project of mine, and now I can finally package it and ship it to my boss!

    But things is, I'm still green with Qt, so please guide me with this task! I own everyone who give me answer my life!!

    I got about 5 hours left, before I need to go out -and buy me a hanging rope..-

    I'm on Debian (linuxmint).

    My application Used QtMobility's multimedia API, and it run perfectly fine now.

    So, after reading some "document":, and searching around, I still stuck with making the "plugins" directory for my project?...

    I thought that my project will need QtMobility's plugins, since the project use QMediaRecorder and QMediaPlayer, but after doing:

    make clean
    qmake -config release

    I see no plugins dir inside the application's dir.

    There're only moc and ui.h files.

    This is my first issues, please help me solve it.

    This is how my .pro files looked like:

    @TARGET = myTask

    TEMPLATE = app

    INCLUDEPATH += ../../src/multimedia ../../src/multimedia/audio

    CONFIG += console

    CONFIG += mobility

    MOBILITY = multimedia


    HEADERS = \


    SOURCES = \

    main.cxx \


    FORMS += \

    myTask.ui \


    Lots of thanks and best regard for those who give me respond and answer!!

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    make will build your project, it does not package it up for you. You will need to do that yourself.

  • Does that mean I just need to toss inside where the binary's folder is every .so file it needed, then the app will run on other debian Linux computer ?..

    I thought Beside from the library, there will be a need of plugins?... or did I miss-understand something?..

  • In my first post, I have stated that I've already read it, AppsPat.

    What I really want to know now, is Will my application execute on other Debian Linux if I just toss the binary file with every other .so file that lld tell me?

    I just need to confirm the above one. Since, I think I'm missing the Multimedia Plugins???

  • [quote author="A.A.B.A" date="1346343666"]I got about 5 hours left, before I need to go out -and buy me a hanging rope..-[/quote]
    Don't you have a rope somewhere in the house? Cables should do pretty well, too.

    About your second Issue: The link provided by AppsPat that you've supposedly read already explains when it is possible to just put all .so files in the same directory as the executable. That is when the dynamic linker has explicitly gotten the instruction to look in that directory. E.g. via "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=." in a launch-script.

    In general: Deploying on unix is a b***h, if you want to support many distributions. And to be honest, even just supporting one distribution is a pain in the neck. The Linux/Unix community has done a very bad job there, unfortunately. Be prepared to spend quite some time to handle it.

  • DerManu: hm, maybe I should try it with an internet cables sometimes..

    I'm having trouble with that launch-script right now... I copy it inside the binary's dir, execute it, but nothing happen??

  • So what did you try to find out what's going on?

    Looked at the console output?

    Analyzed what the script is doing by echoing information here and there?

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