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Setting geometry to match embedded device in Qt Designer

  • My Embedded device is a 7 inch display at 800 by 480 and my computer is at a different resolution. How do I change the dimensions of the geometry to match my 7 inch display?

    Even when I set my parent Widget to 800 by 480, it does not reflect the dimensions of the device itself. How do I change that in Qt Designer?

  • use fullscreen funtion can be a solution?

    otherwise use something like:

    QApplication a(argc,argv);
    Menu b;
    b.resize(a.desktop()->width(), a.desktop()->height());;
    return a.exec();

  • Hmm, is line number 3 ok? Because I don't think desktop has the method width() or height().

    I've tried Full Screen, the problem is with QtDesigner. There should be a an option to set the canvas in terms of inches.

  • Yes its correct desktop return a QDesktopWidget that inherit QWidget and have width and height method. Maybe you have to include the QDesktopWidget header to build correctly.
    For the inched in designer i don't know if there's an option.

  • Hi,

    I was able to resolve this using QPaintDevice and setting the Device profile to match the DPI of the device.

    @ qDebug()<<"Logical DPI "<<QPaintDevice::logicalDpiX()<<"x"<<QPaintDevice::logicalDpiY();
    qDebug()<<"Physical DPI"<<QPaintDevice::physicalDpiX()<<"x"<<QPaintDevice::physicalDpiY();@

    The device had 72 DPI and I set this in the device profile of Qt Designer (Tools>Options>Designer) .
    Required restarting Qt Creator before applying.

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