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Problem with QMediaRecorder on window!

  • Hi everyone!

    Yesterday, I tried to make a simple sound recorder on Linux, the program worked fine overthere.

    But when i parse the code to Window (7-64), I can't record anymore.

    I'm using QtSDK with minGW4.4 with QtMobility for Desktop (I build it from source), since I'm still using Qt 4.7.x on both OS.

    Whenever I call the record funtion, It will always give me:

    QFile::seek: IODevice is not open
    DirectShowPlayerService::doSetUrlSource: Unresolved error code 80040216
    DirectShowPlayerService::doSetUrlSource: Unresolved error code 80040216

    After google a bit, It seem the problem is because I'm using minGW. Is there any way to work-around, or fix it?

    Since I can't use Qt with MSVC. Whenever I try to build QtMobility for it, the configure will alway say no "*make" is installed, eventhough i'm using Qt-MSVC cmd. If anyone can help me with installing it then it's a big help!

    Thanks for any reply!

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    Stupid question: Did you actually open the IODevice you seek in for reading?

  • I don't think I opened any IODevice.

    The recording funtion was re-implement from Qt's audiorecorder example. I thought it should have worked?

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