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Qt Creator 2.5.1 Build disabled

  • Hi,
    I've just started to learn Qt programming and installed qt 2.5.1 recently but I don't understand why the build menu is disabled and what target files are required to make it alive.Please,help me with the solution asap if any generous person knows what to do exactly and your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Could it be that you only installed the Qt Creator IDE, and not any Qt libraries?

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    Where did you get Qt creator from? Did you install Qt along with it (if so: For which devices)? What did you do so far? Do you have a project loaded? What kind of project is it?

  • Thanx for your reply.I installed it from Nokia's qt website as a standalone IDE and I guess ludde is right as I don't see any class files in the lib folder which is containing only some .dll files in three folders.So, plz let me know if there is any way to get it working without downloading the whole SDK package since it is too big to download for my internet speed.

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    Depends on which system you are working on: On windows/mac get the Qt Library from the same place you got creator from. After installation point Creator to the qmake-command installed by the library in Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt Versions.

    On linux you can just install Qt via your normal software installation tools. The library should be auto-detected then. Go to Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt Versions to verify that worked and register the version manually (as above) if not.

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