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Tty Keyboard & Mouse Support in Qt5

  • Hi,
    This is probably an obvious question, but since I've been trying to figure it out the last 2days, I thought I might well ask.
    How do I enable tty keyboard and linux support in Qt5 which has only QPA.
    Previously we were on Qt4.8 QWS, where we used to configure qt with -qt-kbd-linuxinput -qt-kbd-tty and export QWS_KEYBOARD and QWS_MOUSE env variables to the respective char devices in /dev. What is the equivalent of this in Qt5.
    Previously we were on directfb platform. Now we are evaluating both directfbegl and eglfs.
    Looks like it might be easier to enable this support in directfb as it already has the necessary eventHandlers, grab etc.
    It would be really helpful if you could provide your input on both fronts.
    Many thanks for your time & patience

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue with QWS_KEYBOARD that is missing in QT5.
    Therefore I have a keyboard input that is counted twice : when I press 'a', I have "aa" that is entered in the input field.

    Do you have find something to specifiy the linux keyboard input ?

    I know that I have a similar issue on Qt4.8 and I solve it by specifying a the correct input device by using the export variable QWS_KEYBOARD.

    Many thanks for your help.

  • I got clarifications for this in the Qt-Interest mailing forum:

    Basically you use evdev plugin to do this in Qt5

  • I have the same problem as the y.meyer.
    ./temp_text -plugin evdevkeyboard:/dev/input/event0 -It did not help..
    Help me,pls.

  • Hi.

    I am add patch:,50073.
    I do like this:
    ckbcomp -layout ru > ru.kmap
    kmap2qmap ru.kmap ru.qmap
    export QT_QPA_EVDEV_KEYBOARD_PARAMETERS="keymap=/home/pi/ru.qmap"
    ./temp_text -plugin evdevkeyboard : /dev/input/event0
    When i press ‘a’, I have “aa”.
    When I press ALT+SHIFT(ctr+shift etc.):
    1.The keyboard does not switch -ru.
    2.Terminal write: "Got EOF from the input device."

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